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Here's the rainwater capture routine ...

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Here's the rainwater capture routine we go through to make sure we get clean, pure rainwater, or as close to it as possible. By the way, how to set an ENTIRE rainwater capture system up from scratch is available in Kevin's new book, Epic Homesteading, which will be out Spring 2024. Signed copies ship with a free pack of seeds from Botanical Interests Seed Packets and the link is in our bio. First, you have to have a leaf filter, which filters out large debris that could clog the system. This should be cleaned prior to every rain, or when enough material builds up on it. Otherwise, it'll block the water from entering the system and shunt it all over your yard! Next, the first flush filter captures small particulates that make it through the leaf filter. A vertical capped off pipe captures the first 5-20 gallons of rainfall, which are always the dirtiest. So this should be drained prior to every rain to allow it to refill with the next rain's dirty batch. Finally, and this is optional, you can grow a prolific vining plant over your cistern to 1. Hide the ugliness and 2. Grow something productive and delicious. In Kevin's case, passion fruit was the obvious choice as it grows really well in the San Diego climate and is a delicious (and pricy) delicacy!