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In 2014, in an abandoned mall ...


In 2014, in an abandoned mall in Japan, we rode a couple motorized scooters in a meticulously choreographed fashion with a talented group of dancers. There were long stretches of days before this, during which unforeseen storms forbade us from filming, but the sun found us in the end, and this 2015 MTV Video Music Award-winning music video for I Won't Let You Down was born. Not pictured in this social media-specific cut: Andy had a bad case of jet lag, and J-pop super group Perfume made a cameo. If you're curious about those moments, check out the full-length music video on our YouTube at the link in our bio—and you might just fall down the rabbit hole. Directed by Damian Kulash, Jr. and Kazuaki Seki. Creative direction by Morihiro Harano. Choreography by air:man.